Out from the Shadows

Hold your shadow in front of you. It can only take you down from behind.

Carl Jung
Out from the Shadows™ is a unique approach to coaching developed by Annalie that combines the latest and most proven tools and techniques to take her clients further into the peak performance zone.

The Method consists of six one-on-one sessions and blends EMDR, Leadership Coaching and the world-renowned Hogan Psychometric profiling tool to create maximum impact and deliver proven, effective results.

Annalie’s private clients are high level achievers from the world of business, sport and the armed forces, and each programme is tailored to suit individual needs. She specialises in transitional support and through her unique approach is able to ensure her clients overcome any self-imposed limitations and step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals and move forward with confidence while living a fulfilling life.

Working with FTSE companies and leading organisations as well as private clients, Annalie acts as a fierce accountability partner to those she coaches. By uncovering her clients’ unique attributes and skills, they are able to shape their own successful and authentic leadership style.

The Science


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"One of the most powerful parts to coaching is accountability and I am a fierce partner..." Click to read more


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