Hogan Psychometric Testing

Hogan is an elegant, very high-end tool that will look into the behaviours you exhibit when both under stress and at your very best. It acts as a mirror of awareness, showing you how you appear to the world.

Annalie Howling

Hogan Psychometric Testing is considered the most exclusive psychometric tool available with most high-level executives having completed one during their career. It shows the person’s values, their motivations and the interests inherent to them as an individual. All of which combine to act as a mirror of awareness, describing how they appear to the world.

It is a very high-end tool that will look into the behaviour individuals exhibit both when under stress and when they are at their very best and how these behaviours impact those around them, predominantly within the working environment.

Annalie has incorporated Hogan into The Method to ensure the work to be completed can be done within 6 sessions. It is an essential tool when working towards peak performance.