EMDR is a powerful technique and a core element in my approach. I use it to look for any underlying limiting beliefs that an individual may have about themselves that are fundamentally impacting their performance.

Annalie Howling

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) works by changing the way the brain processes traumatic or distressing memories, cognitions and emotions. This can help to release the underlying limiting belief that we hold about ourselves, and free us from any associated shame.

Using the same technique within coaching, clients can reprocess an event to let go of negative imagery, emotions and body sensations that are attached to performance issues. Annalie is able to help remove any mental blocks and enable her clients to better exploit their strengths by installing positive beliefs to attain peak performance.

Annalie applies EMDR techniques within the Out from the Shadows™ method from a corporate perspective to boost both professional and personal effectiveness and wellbeing. She is, currently, the only EMDR certified global practitioner who has come from a corporate background, enabling her to apply EMDR techniques from that perspective rather than one of traditional therapy.