Leadership Coaching

One of the most powerful parts to coaching is accountability and I am a fierce partner. Coaching is an essential element in my approach as it helps you get out of your own way. It doesn’t change your life it changes how you live.

Annalie Howling

Coaching spans multiple disciplines and is broadly intuitive but relies on careful delivery to achieve the best results. Coaching is not a one-way process that outlines how to do something and culminates in a presentation. It is about supporting the client throughout the process, building a rapport, and regularly checking in on their progress and the wider challenge.

Annalie has extensive experience in this field from working with a wide variety of clients from leading executives to professional sportspersons to special forces soldiers. All have their own unique blend of skills and resources, and all can be coached to best use these as their careers and lives evolve. And most of the time these high achievers need to be both challenged and held accountable. The latter part is often key, and Annalie is fierce with this.

From individual clients to wider corporate teams up to boardroom level executives, Annalie can employ coaching techniques to develop careers but also a more fulfilling approach to life. Coaching can also leave the office or pitch behind and shape a way of life. It is something that can be developed personally to deliver much more than a career goal.